What’s wrong with America, Part 1

Have you ever heard someone upon hearing about something dumb or frustrating exclaim with gusto “and THAT’S why America can’t have nice things!!”?  Or alternatively “and THAT’S what’s wrong with America!!”?

I have, and to explain what *I* think is really wrong with America (or at least one of a handful of things that I don’t think bode well for my country) I’d like to tell you about the first time I saw a set of dentures.

It was the mid 90s and I was on vacation with my parents in Maine.  We had gone to visit relatives that I had never met and that my parents hadn’t seen in a decade.  I couldn’t have been more than 6 or 8 years old and on one of my first nights staying with my Aunt and Uncle I found a set of dentures soaking in a jar in the bathroom while getting ready for bed.  I had never seen dentures before and I didn’t know anyone with any kind of fake appendages to be honest.  So my response to finding a full set of what appeared to be human teeth and gums in a jar was to step into the hallway and shout out into the living room “Mummie!  Does everyone in Maine keep their teeth in a jar!?!?”

For most people a small child asking a question in a rude manner would be a mild annoyance; something they roll their eyes at and then move on with their day.  But not for my Aunt.  Noooo, my Aunt proceeded to call me a “princess” and ask my parents how they could stand such a spoilt brat for a child.

To recap:

Because I had an adverse reaction to someone letting their teeth rot out of their head before their 40th birthday they made fun of me.  And the reason they didn’t have teeth?  They didn’t have dental insurance.

THAT’S what’s wrong with America though: If you feel like people should have a good standard of living, if you’re confused by a world where people let the teeth rot out of their head from lack of dental insurance, if you value proper hygiene then you’re a spoilt princess.  That’s pretty screwed up guys.

Not all my stories will be “political” so if you’re not in love with this one-no stress.  There’ll be more later.  This is just something I’d been thinking about a lot recently.



So I started this blog because at the time it felt like the thing one does:

You lose a child, you grieve, you start some profound blog that offers advice, teaches a skill, or whatever.

But here’s the deal, it’s bullshit.  I have zero interest in teaching other people stuff.  I was a substitute teacher for a couple months once, and I didn’t enjoy teaching then either.  And while I enjoy crafting, it’s really something I do privately similar to how one uses meditation.

Want to know what I do enjoy?

Telling people stories.

I’ve lived a pretty colorful life and I like telling people the stories I’ve accumulated over the years.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  From now on this blog will be a collection of short stories of experiences I’ve had and maybe the occasional bit of philosophizing about what those experiences mean for the human condition.  Who knows, maybe I’ll tell you stories that could even make you laugh!


Vita Abundantior.