Life Update!!

So I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here, and while I meant to keep up with the blog during the summer, that didn’t really happen.  This summer my husband and I moved back to Fairbanks, Alaska.  We had been living in rural Wyoming, but after Enoch died we came to the realization that our hearts were really in Fairbanks and that it was best for us to move home.  Unfortunately, when we got to Fairbanks we discovered that the family we had rented our house to had completely trashed the place.  The yard was covered with trash: old appliances and stuff they had drug home from the dump, coke cans, candy wrappers, McDonalds wrappers, old 55 gallon oil drums, and more.  They had been running a dog breeding operation in our yard and from the dog house and feces we had to clean up, the animals were kept in deplorable conditions.  Then when we saw the inside of the house we saw that it was covered wall to wall in deadly black mold.  We had to completely gut our house and start new.  Nothing could be saved.  Not a single wall, nor window, not the cabinets, nor the appliances.  We even had to redo the stairs.   And so that is what my husband and I have been doing all summer:  trying desperately to save our home, preferably before 40 below hits.  While we have been working on our house, we’ve been living in our 24′ camper and so crafting has kind of taking a back seat role in my life.  (You never really know how much you love someone until you live in 194 sq ft with them for months on end.) I still have all my crafting supplies in storage, and when we move back into the house(hopefully in the next 30 days!!!), I will be able to do more crafting.  A long term goal I have is to build a small shed to do my crafting in, but that’s probably not going to happen until the summer after next.

In other life news I recently got a job!  (Finally!)  I am a school bus driver with a local branch of a nation wide company.  I’m really excited about my new job and I love the kids I drive to school every day.  It took 2 weeks of training for me to get my CDL, then last Monday I started driving the route I had picked for myself.  I drive about 120 miles a day, mostly in the hills around the fairbanks area, and I get to see some amazing views from my office!  It’s really a fantastic job and I work with some amazing drivers.  It also allows me to spend the middle of the day with Michael.  I like the way my day has a nice long break in the middle of it!  It’s like a super long lunch lol!

Anyway, that’s all that’s been happing since we moved in May.  I’ll try and write more now that life is starting to slow down/get more of a routine to it.

Much love!


P.S. Here are some pics of the house:

“Before” of the yard:

trashed yard

“After” of the yard:

clean level house