Too Busy.

So I’d like to start with a big hi, and welcome to everyone that has visited my tiny fledgling blog over the last couple weeks.  I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to read my dimpy little blog.  If you’re wondering about my lack of posts lately I’m really sorry about leaving so much time between my last post and this one.  I have several posts planned including how to make a blog planner with a crazy quilt cover (really you can use any planner insert you want), and how to hand quilt/show you my most recent quilting project, and since I’ve gotten a lot of questions from friends about how to start/stop in counted cross stitch so that it’s not a giant rat’s nest of nonsense on the back of the project I was going to do a quick pictorial on that too (even though I’m sure someone else has already put one out there on the internet).  But then my husband suggested I get a job so that I can get out of the house some, and I figured since I’ve been unemployed for the last 8 months or so that it would be good to have a job and so I went out and got one (JUST KIDDING!!  I actually got two!).  And now I feel like I never have time to think, let alone craft or blog or do anything I actually want to do.  😦

And honestly it makes it to where I can’t really do the stuff I don’t want to do too.  I can’t remember the last time I vacuumed my house, the kitchen is always a mess because I never seem to have time to do the dishes, and I have a mountain of clothes that need to be washed that probably won’t get done until this weekend at the earliest.  One upside to being so busy is that I’m hitting 10,000 steps on my fitbit a lot more often.  There is this part of me that is always dissatisfied with my weight.  I always wish I was thinner like the summer I met my husband.  I wore a size 14 that summer and honestly that’s the smallest I’ve ever been as an adult/teen/pre-teen (literally since I was like 9 years old).  That was 10 sizes ago.  So maybe if I stay busy like this I’ll be able to lose some weight I’ve been wanting to lose.  I just wish I could lose weight and quilt and blog all day at the same time too.  😛

fitbit screen shot

When I started this blog I had this idea that I was going to write 3 times a week and have these beautiful involved posts with lots of pictures.  But what I forgot to account for is that the people out there who write daily and have these beautiful blog posts with nice glossy pictures with the perfect lighting are getting paid to write.  Their blogs have such high traffic that they don’t also hold down two jobs.  Their blogs allow them to do things like farm out work to employees.  But I am not them, so instead of bemoaning how I have too much to do I  think I will cut back on my expectations for myself.  And so for right now I’ve decided I should aim for once a week until things settle down some and I have more time to devote to the blog.  I’m still going to put out tutorials and how-to’s, and I’m going to aim to get my posts out on Wednesdays that way you guys have something interesting to read on hump day and that way too if you want to pick up the supplies for a tutorial I do you have time to do that before the weekend.

I hope you guys enjoy the blog post coming later this week, with the crazy quilt covered blog planner!

See you then.


Make your own journal or photo album!

So I don’t know about you guys but for me part of healing is writing.  It’s natural for me to want to put down what I think and feel during times of stress but I’m terrible at consistently journaling, like every day.  I like to use more smaller journals instead of less bigger ones, that way I actually fill up the journal I’m using instead of having dozens of half empty journals laying around.  That’s why I love little journals like this, they’re cute and easy to fill up.  And bonus!  This journal could also be used as a cute, portable, photo album to slip in your purse or pocket to take your pictures with you places.  (Or maybe that’s just an idea that appeals to me because I’m old/old-fashioned.)  Want to make a photo journal?

accordian photo album

This project is super easy and super cheap.  To complete this project you will need the following:

  • a set of note cards about 4×6.  (I think 3×5 might be a little small, and 5×7 isn’t exactly pocket sized.)
  • a roll of clear cello-tape
  • an x-acto knife
  • ribbon of your choosing (really you just need a scrap)


I picked up some cute printed note cards in the scrapbooking aisle at my local Walmart for approximately $3.  The rest of the supplies I already had at home, but in total this project shouldn’t cost more than $10-$12. The first step is to remove the notecards from the packaging they came in, mine were glued into a temporary booklet, so I carefully tore them out one at a time.  Then I stacked them neatly in the order I wanted them to be in in the accordion.

accordian folder step 1

Then all you have to do is tape the cards together on alternating ends to create the accordion.  I put a piece of tape on both the front and back of the seam to make it nice and secure.  Here’s a picture of how I tape them together:

accordian photo step 2

And here’s a picture to show the accordion effect and where exactly to tape the cards:

accordion photo step 3

Continue taping until you’re out of of cards, or you are happy with the size of your photo album.  Once you’re done taping, as a finishing touch, tie the ribbon around the journal to keep it from flopping about.

finished accordion album

If you want you can glue the ribbon to the back cover so that it won’t slide off or get lost when you open the journal.  I chose not to do that to this journal because I am still deciding if I like the black ribbon with these colors or not. And that’s it.  Now all you have to do is journal, decorate with stickers or stamps, and/or add the pictures you’d like in there.  These are also really fun to give as personalized gifts, especially to older relatives.  Print off pictures you think they’d like and put them in the photo album as a gift.  These are also a great project for teens to make to record their high school memories in. One photo album could be made for every year of high school to keep pictures and special notes and memories.

Love Always,


P.S.  Isn’t the sentiment on the cover card just perfect?